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Discover the art of outdoor living with our exquisite range of furniture. At Tulp Outdoor Living, we’re passionate about creating outdoor spaces that inspire relaxation, beauty, and lasting memories. Whether you’re basking in the sun or enjoying a cool evening breeze, our furniture will transform your outdoor area into a paradise.


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Why Tulp Outdoor?

Discover Tulp, a family-owned garden furniture business driven by a deep passion for the outdoors. Our European heritage and style inspire us to blend aesthetics, quality, flexibility, and prompt service. At Tulp, it’s not just about creating beautiful outdoor spaces; it’s about sharing our love for outdoor living and making it accessible to all. We believe in the enduring allure of well-crafted, stylish outdoor furniture that transforms your space into a haven of relaxation and elegance. With a dedication to excellence and a customer-centric approach, we invite you to experience the Tulp difference and enhance your outdoor lifestyle.

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Teak Wood

Teak wood, the ‘king of woods,’ is a dense, close-grained hardwood sourced from the Tectona grandis tree, native to South and Southeast Asia. Its natural golden color, smooth grain, and impressive durability make it the ideal choice for outdoor furniture.

Teak wood is known for its resistance to extreme weather conditions, rot, and pests. Even when left untreated, it remains beautiful and strong for years. Explore the world of teak and experience the unmatched quality it offers.


Synthetic wicker, also known as resin wicker, is a popular choice for patio furniture. Crafted from durable resins, it withstands the harshest elements, making it an excellent option for outdoor living. Our HDPE (High-Density Polyethylene) wicker, in particular, ensures longevity in all outdoor conditions.

What sets our synthetic wicker apart is its UV resistance, chip-resistant properties, and ease of maintenance. Say goodbye to color fading, breakage, and strenuous cleaning. Choose the best material for your patio set with synthetic wicker.

Sunbrella Fabric with Quick dry foam

Experience our SUNBRELLA cushions with Quick dry foam, designed for rapid drying with its unique open-cell structure. Say goodbye to wet cushions after rain.

Urecel QuickDry brings you luxurious cushions with advanced Hydro-Blast Reticulation for optimal drainage and breathability. Perfect for humid climates, they’re highly resistant to damage and bacterial growth. Ideal for outdoor furniture, marine interiors, and more.

Powder coated aluminum

Discover the enduring strength of powder coated aluminum, a versatile material that combines lightweight design with remarkable durability. Ideal for outdoor furniture in high-traffic areas, it not only withstands the elements but also complements a wide range of decorative styles, infusing your outdoor space with a touch of modern sophistication.

Not all aluminum furniture is created equal. At Tulp Outdoor Living, we insist on commercial-grade powder coated aluminum to ensure the longevity of your outdoor furnishings. This specialized coating forms a robust protective barrier, shielding your furniture from corrosion, fading, and scratches over time. It’s the perfect choice for those

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